Looking for Flying Jobs In Honolulu Today…

It was a long day of door to door hunting for flying jobs and networking at the Honolulu airport today.

I have recently decided to make the move to Oahu for many reasons with the main underlying reason being that Oahu is where the people and opportunities are.

The move is being made from the Big Island, Kona side, with a population of about 60,000.  Options are limited but you could retire if all you want to do is be a flight instructor or tour pilot.  Head to Oahu and the population jumps to 800,000 and that many more visitors!  Aviation jobs at the Honolulu airport range from flight training schools, to large turbine cargo, to legacy airline Hawaiian Airlines, and everything in between.

So there I was walking up and down Lagoon Drive stopping at every hole in the wall, every marble floored jet center, shaking every hand at the HNL airport making friends and contacts that will serve me well for years to come… I hope!  Smiles and hand shakes do go a long way anywhere in the world.

So far some good leads needing follow up emails and phone calls.  Also nice, I located a 2008 Cessna 172 G1000 that is available for rent!  Good because Hawaii is a great place for visiting pilots that want to take an instructor along to help keep them safe and tell them all about what they are looking at so I am in business right off the bat.

hawaii aviation jobs

north shore molokai on our way to find flying jobs at the honolulu airport.

George’s, Marjet, Kamaka, Makani Kai, Hawaii Life Flight, and a couple of flight schools were my targets today… I think it went well but no job yet!  Soon though, I can tell.  I have had resumes in to Hawaiian, and Island Air for a while now but I’m not holding my breath.

The best part about today?  Got to fly the Cherokee 6X from KOA to HNL and man was it a beautiful day!  It is good to be a pilot!